Do you feel stuck in an unhealthy relationship?


Many people find themselves in relationships that they intuitively know are unhealthy, but they find themselves stuck there, feeling helpless, lost, and confused, and they don’t know what to do.

Sometimes a partner feels manipulated or like they are being controlled by their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.  They wonder if they are being emotionally abused, psychologically abused, or even physically abused. Sometimes people even question if it is all their own fault, and if they deserve it. It isn’t uncommon to feel like you are going crazy or to be told that you are.


Should you leave your relationship?

Maybe your friends all say you should leave or maybe you can’t tell anyone what you are going through. Perhaps you think you should leave, but you just can’t seem to do it. Very often, people find themselves in co-dependent relationships, and they don’t even know how they got there.


If any of this sounds, familiar, help is available. Everyone deserves to be treated well. Sometimes couples counselling is appropriate, but sometimes a person just needs to come in on their own for therapy, to talk, and have a caring, neutral professional, listen and help.

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Suffering from co-dependency or an abusive relationship?