Society used to look at mental health issues as something to be ashamed of, but we don't need to anymore.


Mental health, like physical health, is something that absolutely everyone has to work at to feel good. It’s rewarding work, but it isn’t always easy. Traumatic events or even just daily struggles can sometimes lead to addictions, poor relationships with others, or strong feelings of disconnection and worthlessness. The resources we need to stay balanced, to grow, and to feel whole are within each of us, but sometimes we have trouble finding them on our own.


We work with individual adults, as well as couples, adolescents, and children. Many employment health benefits will cover psychotherapy, and if you are not covered, we can discuss ways to make treatment work within your budget. Welling Psychology is conveniently located in the south Edmonton neighbourhood of Parkallen.


At Welling Psychology, our goal is to build a trusting, safe relationship with you, where we can understand your situation from your perspective, and help you to discover the hidden resources that would allow you to find your source of wellness once again.

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 Tel: 780-222-7405 

Welling Centre

6529 111 St, Edmonton, AB  Canada T6H 4R5


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