Is someone you love an addict?


Are you dealing with someone else’s addiction, or struggling with addiction in your family or relationship?


It could be your son, daughter, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, grandchild, or even a friend. It could be drugs, including alcohol, gaming, gambling, sex, porn, or any other unhealthy, compulsive behaviour.


Addiction affects everyone.


Sometimes people want help but you don’t know how to help them.  And sometimes they don’t want help or deny that they even have a problem. When someone you love is an addict, it can affect you as well, and it’s not easy to figure out what to do. You may think that if you don’t continue to support them in the way you have, they may leave you, or worse yet, they may even die. On the other hand, you may wonder if you are simply enabling them and damaging your own life in the process.


Addictions can tear people apart, but treatment and recovery is possible, and help and support are available, not only for the person with the addiction, but also for the people who love them.


If you or someone you love is struggling, call or email for an appointment to talk about it. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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